Jamboree #1

Jamboree #1 at Plymouth Art Centre brought together 16 artist participants from associate schemes across the UK, with guest curator Martin Clark.

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Photo credit: Dom Moore
Photo credit: Dom Moore
Photo credit: Dom Moore
Photo credit: Dom Moore

Who helped to make this

Jamboree #1: Plymouth was initiated, led and facilitated by LOW PROFILE, developed  in partnership with PAC Home (Plymouth Arts Centre’s associate programme) and with the generous support of a-n and Plymouth Culture, in addition to the six main partners: PAC Home and Plymouth Arts Centre (Plymouth), Spike Associates and Spike Island (Bristol), WARP and g39 (Cardiff), Extra Special People and Eastside Projects (Birmingham), CG Associates and Castlefield Gallery (Manchester), Glasgow Sculpture Studios (Glasgow).

Where this work has ended up

Jamboree #1 was the origin of Jamboree 2018, and led LOW PROFILE to establish Artists Jamboree CIC.

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Jamboree #1

The first edition of Jamboree was held in Plymouth over 3 days in November 2015, with 16 artist participants (selected from 6 artist run associate schemes from across the UK) and guest curator Martin Clark (then Director, Bergen Kunsthall & Artistic Director, Art Sheffield).

Over 3 days, participants camped out at Plymouth Arts Centre to share details of their practice, engage in group place-mapping tasks (identifying and sharing opportunities and resources relating to their own locales and developing new ways to support each other’s practices), provocations led by guest curator (Martin Clark), go-sees to visit Plymouth’s visual arts institutions and special presentations from experts in other fields (Neil Rose & Shaun Lewin). All of this took place in a communal social atmosphere, where the artists ate, slept and worked alongside each other in close proximity.

As part of Jamboree #1: Plymouth, LOW PROFILE and PAC Home held a public screening event, presenting work (selected via an open call) of artists’ video work by associate artists of Jamboree #1’s partner Associate Schemes.